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Corridor Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting #7

The CAG met in October of 2017 to review the Preferred Alternative and impacts and to view the process and schedule for the remainder of the project. The Meeting Summary, Roll Plots and full Presentation are available for review.

Third Round of Public Meetings Well Attended

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) received a lot of feedback at the recent public outreach events which included the project's third public meeting, held on July 9, 2014, as well as the Business Owner Meeting held on October 23, 2014 hosted by the City of Woodstock and the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The two meetings had a combined attendance of over 140 stakeholders who issued more than 60 comments on the project. The comments received included support for the project and the proposed alternatives as well as identifying concerns with proposed design elements associated with each alternative.

Recognizing the concerns expressed at the recent meeting, IDOT will be continuing to work with stakeholders, including business owners, the City of Woodstock, and the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Industry to further refine the alternatives to minimize impacts as much as possible throughout the corridor. IDOT is in the process of revising the proposed plans in response to comments expressed at the recent public outreach meetings, such as access modifications. However, some comments require additional analyses to be completed before they can be addressed. As such, IDOT is currently working with their study team to perform additional analyses to properly evaluate the questions and concerns raised at the recent meetings. The additional analyses are anticipated to be completed by summer 2015 and IDOT will be reaching out to stakeholders at that time and potentially setting up additional informational meetings as necessary. The preferred alternative will be presented at the next Community Advisory Group (CAG) anticipated for summer 2015 and at the public hearing anticipated for fall 2015.

Phase II (Contract Plan Preparation) is currently funded and will begin upon completion of the Phase I study which is anticipated to occur in late 2015. Land acquisition (Phase II), construction (Phase III), and construction engineering (Phase III) are not currently included in the Department's Fiscal Year 2015-2020 Proposed Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Program. However, funding for this project will be considered among similar improvement needs throughout the region.

We appreciate your interest in the Illinois Route 47 Study and look forward to your continued participation. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mr. John Baldauf, P.E., Project Manager, at (847) 705-4103.

IDOT Studying IL 47 through Woodstock

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has initiated the Illinois Route 47 Phase I Planning and Environmental Study. This study is examining the transportation needs of this corridor through an extensive public involvement process. The study area is located in McHenry County, extending approximately 4.5 miles from U.S. Route 14 to Charles Road, and passes through the City of Woodstock, Illinois.

Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) is Developed

The purpose of the SIP is to provide a guide for implementing stakeholder involvement for the study. The SIP will be used as a blueprint for defining methods and tools to educate and engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process for this project. The SIP has been designed to ensure that stakeholders are provided a number of opportunities to be informed and engaged as the project progresses.

The goal of the SIP is to actively seek the participation of communities, agencies, individual interest groups, and the general public throughout the project development process. The SIP provides the framework for achieving consensus and communicating the decision-making process between the general public, public agencies, and governmental officials to identify transportation solutions for the project.

The SIP:

  • Identifies stakeholders
  • Identifies Project Study Group (PSG)
  • Identifies the roles and responsibilities of the lead agency
  • Identifies participating agencies and agency responsibilities
  • Identifies Citizen Advisory Group (CAG), and its role and responsibilities
  • Establishes the timing and type of involvement activities with all stakeholders
  • Establishes stakeholder requirements for providing timely input to the project development process

Review the IL Route 47 SIP (PDF/2.0 MB)

Citizen Advisory Group will Influence Decisions

Interaction with potentially affected communities is important for ensuring that IDOT proposals are consistent with community goals and objectives. To provide a forum for discussions of details about the goals, objectives, potential improvements, and design of Illinois Route 47, IDOT is forming a Citizen Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG will consist of community leaders in the study area, and stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development that are affected by the study. The purpose of the CAG is to provide input on various study elements including defining needs and alternative development and evaluation criteria. The responsibilities of this group include providing input to the study process, and reaching a consensus at key project milestones, e.g. project Purpose and Need, range of alternatives to be advanced for detailed study, and the recommended alternative(s).