Illinois 47—US Route 14 to Charles Road
Project Overview

Where Are We Now?

Alternative Development and Evaluation

The IL 47 study has concluded the alternatives development phase of the process and has advanced two on-alignment intersection alternatives for further evaluation. The bypass and one-way couplet alternatives were dismissed since the detailed traffic analysis demonstrated they did not satisfy the project's purpose and need. General characteristics of the two alternatives carried forward include two through lanes in each direction separated by a barrier curb median, intersection alternatives including the consideration of roundabouts at five locations, and potential improvements to bicycle and pedestrian systems.

Currently the study team is consolidating stakeholder input from the Public Meeting and developing the preferred alternative that best meets the projects Purpose and Need. This involves a five-step process:

  • Select and refine the preferred alternative
  • Complete the analysis of potential impacts
  • Prepare environmental documentation
  • Present the preferred alternative to the CAG and obtain input.
  • Present the preferred alternative and environmental document at a Public Hearing anticipated in Winter/Spring 2017 and obtain input.

Project Schedule

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