Illinois 47—US Route 14 to Charles Road
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this study?

This study is a preliminary engineering analysis (a Phase I study) and is examining the needs and evaluation of potential improvements to IL 47 from US Route 14 to Charles Road.

Who is responsible for this study?

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will act as joint lead agencies for preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Illinois Route 47 project in order to satisfy NEPA requirements. As such, FHWA (Division Administrator) and IDOT (Secretary of Transportation) are the ultimate decision-makers for this project.

What constitutes a Stakeholder?

Stakeholders for a project include any person or organization which has a direct stake in the project being considered. This can be anything from a small group of residents and businesses affected by the redesign of a rural intersection to thousands of individuals when a major roadway or transit extension is being built. Stakeholders can include residents and landowners near a project, business owners, advocates for policy, community and historic interests, elected officials, government agencies, and many others.

What is the schedule for this study?

IDOT has concluded analyzing existing and future conditions and defining purpose and need, and the analysis of alternatives.  IDOT will continue to assess the natural, built, and human environment to determine the extent of impacts that may arise from constructing and operating a project. Environmental factors such as air quality, wildlife, vegetation, water quality, wetlands, geology, neighborhoods, park/recreation areas, utilities, visual quality, and cultural resources will be assessed. Public comments that are received during the alternative analysis phase are considered in the draft environmental document. Currently, IDOT is further evaluating and screening alternatives, preparing the Draft Environmental Assessment and select a Preferred Alternative selection.  The last Citizen Advisory Group meeting is anticipated to be conducted Winter, 2016 followed by the public hearing anticipated to be held in Winter 2016/2017.

What is CSS and is it being used on this project?

This study has been designated by IDOT as a Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) project using the principles of CSS per the Illinois Department of Transportation CSS Policy. CSS is a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders to develop a facility that fits into its surroundings and preserves scenic, aesthetic, historic, and environmental resources while maintaining safety and mobility. Public involvement is strongly encouraged during the Phase I study and will continue to proactively seek stakeholder involvement and partnerships. There will be several opportunities for public input about the corridor needs including advisory groups, public information meetings, and community meetings.

How do you know what is needed - and who needs it?

There will be a number of factors involved in determining need. These factors could include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobility (congestion, service levels, travel times, travel speeds, reliability, etc.)
  • Accessibility (access to jobs, activity centers, inter-modal facilities, etc.)
  • System Connectivity (regional facilities, through trips, etc.)
  • Safety (crashes, grade crossings, consistency with current highway design standards, etc.)
  • Support for Economic Development (mobility and accessibility for passenger and commercial vehicles, etc.)

Will any homes or businesses displaced?

The project will require home and business relocations. However, through the CSS process, IDOT will strive to mitigate impacts and ensure responsible planning in the area of increasing population growth and traffic congestion.

How is this study funded?

This study is funded through state and Federal transportation planning funds. At this time Phase II (design) is funded, however, money has not been identified for Phase III (construction).

How can I keep informed on the study's progress?

IDOT has a number of contact points for information on the study. The best way to keep updated is to check the Illinois Route 47 website. In addition to the website, we encourage stakeholders to sign up for the mailing list to receive newsletters and invitations to meetings, as well as to e-subscribe to website updates.

Who can I contact about this study?

You can direct questions and comments to us via this website. Written correspondence can be sent directly to:

Illinois Department of Transportation-Region One/District 1
John E. Baldauf, P.E.
201 W. Center Court
Schaumburg, Illinois 60196-1096