Illinois 47—US Route 14 to Charles Road
Project Overview

Study Process/Schedule

Image of Study AreaIllinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), is preparing the environmental documents for review by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The FHWA is the Federal Agency responsible for final approval of the environmental document. This study and the supporting environmental documents will be governed by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state regulatory requirements. Opportunities exist for the public to provide input into the alternatives and project-related environmental impacts.

NEPA guides federally funded projects and projects that require a Federal permit to lessen potential damages to the environment. IDOT is required to evaluate alternative ways of accomplishing and meeting study needs. They will assess the natural, built, and human environment to determine the extent of impacts that may arise from constructing and operating a project. Environmental factors such as air quality, wildlife, vegetation, water quality, wetlands, geology, neighborhoods, park/recreation areas, utilities, visual quality, and cultural resources will be assessed. Public comments that are received during the alternative analysis phase are considered in the draft environmental document. Following NEPA guidelines, a document called an Environmental Assessment will be prepared. The process calls for continuous environmental evaluations as alternatives are analyzed.

Project Schedule

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Phase I Study Process

Analyzing Existing and Future Conditions and Defining Purpose and Need

  • Data Collection (current and future conditions)
  • Identify Deficiencies
  • Identify Goals and Objectives
  • Develop Project Problem Statement
  • Develop Purpose and Need

Analysis of Alternatives

  • Develop Alternative Evaluation Criteria
  • Identify Possible Alternatives
  • Develop Alternatives
  • Evaluate Alternatives

Further Evaluation of Alternatives and Selection of Preferred Alternative

  • Evaluate and Screen Alternatives
  • Prepare Draft Environmental Assessment
    • Select a Preferred Alternative
  • Prepare Final Environmental Assessment (FEA)